Select Method of Application - Method Depending on Situation


Baiting Technology:

Baiting technology is emerging as a reliable alternative control method that produces maximum effect against target insects and minimal impact on human activity.
The salient features of this technology are:

  • No smell/ Odour.

They can be applied in sensitive areas such as kitchen appliances, computers, electrical control boards, record rooms etc., as this technology contains low dosage of active ingredient.


  • Adulticiding (Internal Residual Spraying)

Here we use a unique formulation, which has flushing effect with residual effect for 15 days. This formulation is sprayed on the surface of the infested area which draws the cockroaches instantly out of their habitats, generally crevices, holes etc. This formulation has a knock down effect which kills the cockroaches that come out instantly.

  • Space Treatment (Mist Blower)

A long term project involving fogging or misting type applicators. Liquid insecticide is dispersed in the atmosphere within a structure. Treatments do not require the evacuation or airtight sealing of a building, allowing most work within the building to continue but at the cost of the penetrating effects.


  • Space Fumigation (Fogging)

A project that involves a structure be covered or sealed airtight followed by the introduction of a penetrating, deadly gas at a killing concentration a long period of time (24-72hrs.). Although expensive, space fumigation targets all life stages of pests.


To combat the menace of the rodents there are three methods

Acute-Toxic- This method is used to control rats in open spaces outside the buildings. This is used against Norway Rats, which generally stay in Nalas and dustbins. The rats die within minutes due to the Phosphine zinc mix with food.

Low Toxic- This method uses the second-generation anti-coagulants, which are effective after the very first dose. They eliminate the bait-shy among rodents, as the target does not die immediately unlike in the acute toxic method.

Non-Toxic- In this method glue pads, mechanical traps, runway traps etc are used which making it completely safe for people as well as pets.


Snake control

The application of chemicals that will repel and kill snakes from hideout in and around the premises.


Bedbug Extermination

Integrated bedbug Management (IBM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices, with pesticide application as a last resort pest control method.


Timber/Wood Treatment

Wood to be treated against fungicides, and other pests. There are two main types of preservatives: pressure impregnated, and Surface-Applied. These are preventatives designed to prevent attack. Also available are separate treatments to kill fungi and insects in timber that has already been attacked.

METHOD 8    

Pre - Post – cleaning

Completely remove pest harborage, clean all areas contributing to pest infestation and prep the place for fumigation to begin. Completely remove and clean the aftermath of the chemical application with detergent and disinfectant, properly organize the place for re-entry.

METHOD 9    

(Eco Fumigation) Safe All Natural Pest Control

We adopt an Eco-friendly approach to pest control that do not involve the use of pesticides.
“First, there is no such thing as "traditional" pesticides. There are no historical references to synthetic pesticides before the 19th century. History however has hundreds of references to natural plant oils and extracts for insecticidal purposes


Pest Proving

The process involves closing/ceiling all entry routes that will all any pest to come in and out of the building.